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1. A. notice   B. practice   C. British    D. patient

2. A. income   B. centre    C. city     D. bicycle

3. A. cloud    B. round     C. mountain   D. country

4. A. hand    B. honest     C. habit     D. behind

5. A. direct     B. hotel     C. basket     D .express

成考中专升大专考试试题英语读音题答案:D A D B C




6 My friend Bob always __________ jokes whenever we get together.

A. says     B. speaks   C. talks      D. tells


7 Before Tom got to the cinema, the film__________

A. had begun   B. will begin  C. has begun  D. begins


8 The driver kept one eye on __________ traffic and the other on __________ map.

A.不填;a   B. a ;a   C. the; the      D. the;不填


9 I could’ t  find my black gloves __________.

A. nowhere  B. somewhere   C. everywhere   D. anywhere


10 Mary picked up her childrens clothes that __________on the floor.

A. lie    B. will lie    C. have lain    D. were lying


11 Jane had already finished cooking __________ the time I got home.

A.in    B.on   C.by    D.at


12.Excuse me, where is the meeting room?

--Just a second. Ill have someone __________ you there.

A. takes     B. take      C.takingD.to take


13. Ill never forget the day __________ I became a doctor .

A. that     B. which   C .where    D .when


14. Your article is well written, but I think you should __________ it again.

A. go off     B. go by     C. go over     D. go against


15. Theres plenty of time, so you __________ worry about it.

A. needn't   B. couldn't   C. mustn't   D. wouldn't


16. My bedroom was very small, with the window __________ the street.

A. faces    B. facing      C. faced     D. to face


17 A few days ago I visited a friend of __________ and that day I learned a valuable lesson.

A. me   B. mine  C.my   D. myself


18 --Would you like to go to the theater with me tonight?

__________ ,but I dont think I can afford the time.

A. That's nothing   B. Well done   C. I'd like to   D. I'm afraid not


19 Family members worked hard __________ sure that they had enough food.

A. making   B. make   C. made   D. to make


20 The light was so __________ that I had to cover my eyes.

A. bright     B. weak    C. soft     D. natural

成考中专升大专考试试题英语单选答案:DACDD CBDCA BBCDA


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